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East on the Medicine Wheel

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I am sitting here on my front porch in the cool new morning breeze of a spring day. I can hear the birds singing and the rooster crowing. I smell the lovely herbal tea mixture steeping that a dear friend made me that I will soon be drinking. I do have to confess that it is usually a cup of french roast with ½ and ½ but I am coming off a liver cleanse and starting a spring equinox diet and I am being oh so pure (for the moment) Oh it is a lovely tea with spearmint and lemongrass and lots of other yummy herbs. This is a wonderful time to help waken up the body by shifting to fresh bitter greens and a lighter diet. The snowdrops and hellebores are blooming on the hillside and the daffodils are plumping up nicely for their spectacular display. Spring is definitely here to stay

Tim Mossholder

On the medicine wheel you will find the season of spring in the east. It is the time of the sunrise and for that reason I use the color red to represent the east. It is the time of newborns and seedlings. It is the time to seek vision and for this reason it is usually represented by a bird of prey who flies high above. In my case, it is the red tail hawk. I have been hearing their mating calls recently and they remind me to pay attention to any inspirations coming to me. Speaking of inspiration, it is the time of the element of air. It is a good time to give yourself permission to sit in stillness and quiet amidst the beauty outdoors and check in with yourself and your allies. Have your visions changed? Is your life in resonance with the new visions? Are you following the path of your heart? As we open the windows and doors and clean the clutter of the winter away let the physical actions represent your spiritual actions. As above, so below.

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