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Energetic Herbalism

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

So you may ask, "What is Energetic Herbalism?" I must begin by saying that there are many different definitions of this term out there that are different from the way I define this term. I believe that energetic herbalism is the practice of perceiving the universe in terms of light and vibration. I include everything and every being in my definition from the smallest particle to space itself - everything is light and vibration. So, my practice consists of connecting a human form of light and vibration with plant forms of light and vibration and in doing so I contribute my light and vibration into the mix. Confused yet?

I believe that the human being consists of three different levels - spiritual, emotional and physical. I do not mean to imply a hierarchy to these levels. They are all equally important. These levels are constantly affecting and informing each other. For example, in order to work with something that is out of kilter on the physical level we must work with the emotional and the spiritual levels at the same time. Here is where light and vibration come into play. Vibration creates sound and everything has its own tone. When we are out of kilter our tone is off. We are not as bright as we are meant to be. This displays itself in blockages or fracturing of light. In order for a state of health to exist there must be the free flow of energy. Blockages stop or slow the flow and fracturing causes energy or light to shatter. These disruptions will affect our physical health, our emotional stability and our spiritual connections.

Our human bodies are incredible and carry with them a template for health and well-being. In order to heal we must see where the energy is not flowing correctly, we must see the patterns in our lives that have created this imbalance., and we must allow for the body, emotions and spirit to heal themselves. Luckily we have allies in the plant kingdom who are willing and able to help us. My job is to introduce you to these helpers and to aid in the dialogue between you.

We are meant to be in balance. We are meant to be healthy. We are meant to be empowered.

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