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West on the Medicine Wheel

I am sitting in my newly created writing room at the top of the stairs. I have 2 windows which face east and north and the most delicious cool breeze is wafting through teasing me with promises of falling leaves, crisp apples, campfires with stories and pulling out the feather comforter and the wool sweaters. This has got to be my favorite season of the year. I have to admit that having an October birthday probably helps but fall and the letting go energy in all of nature seems to suit my Scorpio leanings. I love the process of dismantling and getting down to bare ground in order to rebuild. It is no mistake that snakes and phoenixes are associated with Scorpio. I recently pulled the tower card from my tarot deck and images of lightening striking and hierarchy collapsing seem to fit not only myself but the world outside at this time. These processes also tie nicely into the energy of the west in the medicine wheel.

The west is considered the time of the season of fall and the early evening. The element of water rules this time and the color is most often black. On the human timeline this would be the mature adulthood after children are gone. The animal most commonly associated is the bear. Bears represent the energy of denning up and hibernation. This is the energy of turning inward and reviewing your life. When we practice introspection in a deep and commited way we are able to see the patterns that have formed our behaviours. How many responses are reactions to events happening currently and how many are triggered by memories that we don’t even know that we have. For example, when you blow up all out of proportion when someone makes a comment was it really what they said or did they remind you of what your mother used to say or even remind you of your mother. This time of the fall is well spent with a journal and time away from the everyday bustle to muse over your life. The west is also the time of dreaming, another nod to the hibernation habit of bears. Perhaps this would also be a

beneficial time to start a dream journal. Ultimately we are not just gazing at our belly buttons in a spate of self indulgence but we are laying out our patterns and learning from them – what we no longer want in our lives, what we would like to bring in and where we feel that we have it right. I invite you to join in the energy around us and begin to rest and release.

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