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Healing consultations

helping you find the balance that lies within


When you work with me...

When we are together, we are in sacred space. I listen deeply both to what is said and what is unsaid.


Together, we travel through your physical, emotional, and spiritual being in order to uncover your present state of health.

After our session, I hold ceremony to determine what formulas may best support your journey towards balance and beauty. I speak to the plants, and welcome the help of those who would like to work with you.

As long as you want the help of another, I am here to help you heal.

it is not my job to heal you. only you can heal you.

How we work together

Our first session involves a patient inquiry into your current state of health, and lasts at minimum two hours. This session can take place at your home, virtually, or in another location of our choice. 

After the session, I hold ceremony for you - asking plant allies to step forth, and welcoming the wisdom of healing which you most require in this moment.

I will then create a custom herbal tincture for you. This will be mailed to you, along with other holistic guidelines to support your journey to wellness. 

We will have a follow-up visit 6-8 weeks after our initial consultation. In this one hour session, we check in on your progress and discuss any adjustments to your healing practice.

I am an herbalist, and I work with you to resolve patterns of imbalance in your body, mind, and spirit.

I am not a physician, therefore I do not diagnose or prescribe.  

Many of us have dreamed of a different way of being in the world, a way of being in relationship with all around us.
Now is the time to bring those dreams into the light.
Love, Lena
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