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North on the Medicine Wheel

I looked out this morning onto a snowy scene. The skies were grey and you could smell woodsmoke in the air. It was a morning meant for heading back to the comforts of flannel sheets and the down comforter on the bed. I love mornings when I slip in and out of dream states and messages are coming in swiftly and strongly. It is definitely winter, the season which occurs in the north on the medicine wheel. The colour associated with north is white. Earth is the element. North is the time of elderhood and the time of the day is the deep night. I associate working with ancestors to the north. They can often communicate with us through our dreams and these long nights are so conducive to a lot of dreaming.

There are different animal guides associated with the north. Buffalo is often found there but my personal favorite to sit in the north is the ptarmigan, a beautiful bird whose plumage shifts to snowy white in the winter. The winter is a time of deep cleansing and recalibrating. All of the activity sinks down into the ground where it continues out of sight. Because of this cleansing and the slow return of the sun winter lends itself to renewal and purity. Thus when we begin a new cycle come spring in the direction of the east we find ourselves rested and ready to begin again. Take good care of yourselves dear ones, get plenty of rest and dream those dreams.

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